RAIZE THE WALLS: Prisons, Policing and Political Prisoners

Rose City Copwatch is excited to sponsor Raize the Walls, a mini-conference on the connections between policing, prisons and political prisoners. Please join us!

Sunday, October 3rd

3:00pm – 6:00pm

Portland State University

Smith Memorial Union, Room 296

SW Montgomery & Park

The Ad Hoc Committee to Connect the Dots presents a mini-conference that seeks to nurture a greater understanding of the connections between policing, prisons and political prisoners. As Portland sees an increase in local police violence, it is especially important to consider the broader context of modern state repression, especially as it relates to race and identity. We will place particular importance on the experience of Political Prisoners and necessity of support for those currently incarcerated, with an emphasis on women and GLBTQI identified folks.

Panelists and presenters include:

• Rita “Bo” Brown, an ex-George Jackson Brigade Member and ex-political prisoner. Bo identifies as a working-class, butch dyke and has been active in the prison abolition movement since her release from prison in 1987. After her release she started The Out of Control: Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political Prisoners, which remained active for many years.

• Ed Meade, an ex-George Jackson Brigade member and ex-political prisoner who is currently the editor of Prison Art News and an active member of Seattle Jericho.

• Mark Cook, an ex-George Jackson Brigade member and former political prisoner, who remained in prison for 24 years and was released in 2000. Cook was active in the Black Panther Party from behind bars and continues his work today with Seattle Jericho.

• Caylor Rolling, PDX local prison activist and bad-ass: she struggles against the prison industrial complex while simultaneously embodying enough hope and joy to raise a beautiful little girl.

Funds from this project will go to: The Freedom Archives: freedomarchives.org, 4Struggle Magazine: 4strugglemag.org, and The Anarchist Black Cross War Chest fund: abcf.net.

Raize the Walls is happily sponsored by Rose City Cop Watch, NW Student Coalition, Oregon Jericho, Community Alternatives to the police, Fire Frashour Campaign and more.

More information click here.

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