Justice for Aaron Campbell!

Portland police officer Ronald Frashour: Getting away with murder

On January 29th, 2010, Aaron Campbell, an unarmed
African American man was shot in the back with an
assault rifle by Portland Police Office Ronald
Frashour, an incident Rev. Jesse Jackson called “an
execution.” Now after community members demanded
and got him fired, he may be put right back on the

Was firing Frashour just a joke? If Frashour gets his
job back, the message is clear: POLICE CAN GET AWAY

Justice for Aaron Campbell

Fire killer cops and keep them fired!

What you can do:

• Spread the word- tell your friends,
family, co-workers and neighbors
• Sign up to receive an email or text the
day the decision comes out. Send your
email address or phone # to
• Sign up to receive text updates by
texting “Follow FireFrashour” to 40404
• Send a letter to the editors of the
Oregonian, The Portland Tribune, The
Portland Mercury, The Willamette
Week, The Skanner or The Asian
• Follow us on Twitter @ FireFrashour

Have questions or want to get involved?

Contact us at

firefrashour@gmail.com or 503.715.1409

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